About this project. This website has been produced to help you understand Umbraco.

Warren Buckley, the brains behind the CWS package.

Warren Buckley

Warren Buckley is a web developer who specialises in using the Umbraco CMS platform to build content managed websites for Xeed in Norway. I run a blog called Creative Web Specialist, where I mainly write tips and tutorial articles around Umbraco.

I have teamed up with ex-collegue Sam Grady to help me design the new version of CWS as he produces wonderfully sexy designs for the web. If you have seen my previous version/s of CWS you will know that my design skills are far from stunning.

I decided to create this website starter site nicknamed CWS (Creative Website Starter site) as a learning tool to help you understand how all the elements of a site work together in Umbraco.

From this NEW CWS package comes the following:

  • Obviously a BRAND NEW spanking design from ex-collegue Sam Grady of G-72
  • A focus for this site to be used to help teach new users to the Umbraco CMS platform.
  • .NET usercontrols written in C#
  • XSLT & .NET code heavily commented to help understand what is going on.
  • With supporting documentation coming in the near future.

Want to see where else you can find me on the net?
Blog - www.creativewebspecialist.co.uk
Flickr - www.flickr.com/photos/warrenbuckley
Last.FM - www.last.fm/user/warrenbuckley
Twitter - twitter.com/warrenbuckley

Sam Grady, is the designer for the CWS project.

Sam Grady

Sam Grady, me, is a graphic designer. I loves graphic design. Great graphic design and simple solutions makes this man very happy. Photography is also very close to my heart and I'd like to be better, so I practice a lot and annoy people with my requests.

I haven't got a blog, yet, don't Twitter and cancelled my Facebook account as I felt uncomfortable with people knowing my business. Anyone else feel that way? I do, however, have a Flickr account, so go check it out: www.flickr.com/photos/mrgrady

I also have my own business, G72, which has a website that desperately needs updating. Also, as of today (03/03/09), it's currently down due to inept web hosts. Hopefully it won't be if you want to take a look: www.g-72.co.uk

Regarding this project, Warren asked me if I wanted to design his website starter package for the fantastic Umbraco CMS, which I jumped at the chance to do. Hopefully you'll find the design appropriate and the package very useful, as that's what we really want from this project.

Finally, Warren says the layout is work in progress and I have a, typically fussy, list of designer layout requests that I've asked Warren to do, but time being what it is, these changes won't be made on version 2.0, so if you spot anything, do mail the man as we'll be compiling a list of tweaks to be made.